Travel tips for Weekender



Weekend must be possible time for corporate slavery to take a holiday, but doing trip on the day that you should rest your body is soo tricky, so here several tips to take an escape during weekend.

Check and re-check the date
Before you book the tickets please check the date and your office schedule. You can choose when there are no hard meetings on monday, or if possible take your annual leave 😀
Long weekend hunter
This is special for people who still don’t have lot of annual leaves. Just check of the red calendar or maybe ‘cuti bersama’. I usually collects the annual red date and cuti bersama before book the ticktes.
Based on my trip, i usually take one to two leaves day for weekend trip so at least you have 4 or more days for holiday.
Possible trip
Do not push your self for long trip. Be wise to choose your destination. If you only had two days maybe you can go to the near beach using  car or go to Bali or another island by plane (even the tickets fare is crazy :p ).
Check the low rates and promo
For limited budget like me, low fare and promo will be an important thing :p..
Check for AirAsia, Tiger Air, and Citilink.
Prepare for itinerary
Because you only have short time, making an itinerary will help you to not waste your time. Make sure the point why you really want this trip, shopping? City tour? Or just sight seeing.
Prepare your body 
Ya, like i said before you’re gonna use your rest day to holiday so make sure that you are fit enough to do the trip and back to office freshly.
Exercising and consuming supplements will help for this part. Don’t forget to bring basic medicine during your trip in case of something bad happen.
Enjoy and have a great time!
Forget about your office task, forget about monday, forget about reality, just enjoy your quality time :D.
Have a nice weekend trip!

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